Bespoke asset-based finance solutions

We provide bespoke asset-based finance solutions which are customised to each customer - including asset-backed loans, equipment finance, stock finance, insurance brokerage, debt syndications and co-financing.

Formal banking penetration is traditionally lowest in countries that are largely reliant on primary and secondary industries, and so our products are needed most in target sectors which include agriculture, infrastructure, construction, transport and certain mining-related services. To-date, Loinette has channelled millions of dollars into these sectors to SMEs in Sub-Saharan Africa. These funds have been instrumental in stimulating local economies by enabling SMEs to develop and to flourish.

The knock-on effects are job-creation in low-employment zones, and the provision of services which otherwise would not exist or be available in those areas. Secondary benefits include the creation of basic infrastructure, schooling and clinics in communities which previously had no access to these. Without the input from Loinette, these opportunities simply would not exist.



Performance and Upfront payment guarantees (LIB)